White Miles

Medina Rekic und ihr Drummer Lofi
White Miles

1. Besetzung

Medina - guitar/vocals

Lofi - drums 

2. Beschreibung des Sounds

White Miles is a dirty pole dance stoner blues rock duo. People say they are from Madagascar. Medina and Lofi met in 2005. They decided to crash the music scene back in 2011.

After releasing 4 live-videos, they quit their dayjobs and live their dream. They are famous for their crazy rehearsalroom parties with pole dancers, old black and white movies and loud music - what an experience! People say they live in their own world, but the truth is - they make the world their own.

White Miles' debut album 'job: genius, diagnose: madness' got released in febr 2014 and made them crash shit loads of cities on their european tour with Valley of the Sun and Truckfighters. While being on tour and preparing for soundcheck in Amsterdam, they got a message saying: 'you will be touring the UK with Courtney Love in May!!!!'

'In conclusion, once you listen to the whole album it’s not a surprise why Courtney Love picked her to open for her dates in the UK. The only thing that will only stop them as a group and musicians are themselves. Definitely one you all blues and rockers need to listen.'

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