Where is Frank?

eine Band auf einem Dach

1. Besetzung

Emanuel Fuchs (Vocals)
Christian Ruetz (Bass)
Georg Deutschmann (Guitar)
Mathias Gritsch (Drums) 

2. Beschreibung der Musik

Allow yourself to drift off and enjoy the ride through everything rock has to offer. Where is Frank is rock, but not only just rock. Finest alternative rock from the alps. The combination of a variety of rhythmic styles and thoughtful lyrics creates an eclectic sound that incorporates several musical influences from Jimi Hendrix,Led Zeppelin to Incubus and Skunk Anansie without losing its own authenticity.
Born in the 80s, grown-up in the 90s and lost in the 21 century, found in the 70s.

3. Message

make love, not war! 

4. Kontakt





Du hast Fragen oder Anregungen? Dann schreib uns eine E-Mail an kontakt@mei-infoeck.at.