Parizek stehend mit Gitarre auf Stufen

 1. Besetzung

Lanbach Mario - Akustik Gitarre 

2. Bandgeschichte/ Werdegang

I had my first self made music experience in 2001 when I was 10 years old…

I started to play the trumpet.

First I didn’t spend much time for this but after a half year I suddenly started to play a lot and the thought of becoming a professional musician someday was born and started to grow.

Dedication, a really good teacher and a lot of patience should bring me considerable adventages in my future life.
At the age of 13 I lost the feeling of being happy when I make music so I quit playing the trumpet and making music at all… but I always have known that I will restart making music anyhow anytime because I still felt that music wants to brake out of me.
And so, after a year, I started a new relationship with another instrument.

The e–guitar

Now there was the time when all the work with the trumpet was helping me to learn the guitar by myself.

Of course it didn’t take long when I played in my first Band (antiness) in which I had a lot of fun and could learn first important things about music business.

After a few years our ways split and everybody of us went for his own way…

After the experience in this band I was solo for a time and so I started to play and love the acoustic guitar. This happens in summer 2008. After some time I started a guitar trio project which drained after a short time. Then I started to think different. I said: “I don’t want to write songs with other ones and if it quits again all the work is gone.” So I better write my own solo songs and can use ´em for a lifetime and maybe perform those with other musicians in another way… and if suddenly a musician wants to quit, I don´t have to mind :-)

So since spring 2010 I work at my solo project “Parizek”

But it will not be a solo project forever!

3. Soundbeschreibung

percussive fingerstyle guitar

4. Videoclips

5. Kontakt




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