Mother`s Cake

3 Männer im Feld

1. Besetzung

Gitarre, Gesang - Yves Krismer
Bass - Benedikt Trenkwalder
Schlagzeug, Gesang - Jan Haußels 

2. Bandgeschichte

The formation was founded in 2008 when three musicians came together to embody the spirit of revolution and change of the 1970’s with the concurrent tendencies of their generation. Until now they have played with artists like Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group, LeTigre, Velvet Revolver and Tito & Tarantula and participated in the Austrian Local Heroes Band Contest 2010 taking first place, and were successful in securing second place out of 13,000 bands in the European finals. A self-produced video for their song ”Realitricked Me“ featured on GoTV generated a sensation and attracted national sponsors.

After the bandcontest Mother’s Cake was signed at GAB Music, Vienna. The Austrian producer Georg Gabler took the band under his wing and recorded their first album ”Creation’s Finest“. The album features, amongst others, ex-Mars Volta keyboarder Ikey Owens. It will be released in October 2012 simultaneously with the movie ”Local Heroes“ produced by WEGA-Film and directed by Henning Backhaus, who learned his craft from Michael Haneke. In the movie the bandmembers play themselves as the winner of the Local Heroes bandcontest and contribute a song to the movie’s soundtrack.

Right now they released a video for their new single "Soul Prison" 

3. Soundbeschreibung

which can be characterized primarily by their live performance. The trio, consisting of the outstanding individual musicians Yves Krismer, Benedikt Trenkwalder and Jan Haußels, features dynamic and ambitious songwriting that reminds of legends like The Mars Volta, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix.

Mother’s Cake’s music is based on a complex netting of rhythm and harmonic possibilities without losing its own authenticity or having the effect of artificiality. Their lyrics express feelings of revolution, love, independence and freedom. A concert stays thrilling until the end; although myriad musical possibilities are expressed they always transport the essence of the music that is Mother’s Cake. The band also designs and produces their own stage concept and artwork for the live performances.

What do other musicians think?

„…if Mother’s Cake cause chaos in our heads, then it does not derive from the band’s abandonment of structure, on the contrary. Their new record shows a boundlessness of structure, often nearly measuring up with the virtuoso insanity of Mars Volta…“ ( 

4. Video 

5. Kontakt

Realtricked me

Mother`s Cake werden bei Provinnsbruck vorgestellt!





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