LoriCon in Tirol

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Plakat zur Loricon. Eine Cosplayerin und das Logo der Veranstaltung.

Introduction to the topic "Cosplay"

Cosplay comes from the word ‚Costume Play‘´. It is a hobby that was invented in Japan in 1984. As the word suggests, you make or you buy costumes, wigs and many more props and accesories in order to represent the character you love and want to bring to life. A character you want to cosplay could be from a game, an anime, a comic or even your own and original character. In history, to appropriately enjoy and/or showcase your hobby and work, conventions soon followed. An Anime/Comic convention is the event(s) allowing you to enjoy and live the “nerd“ life where many happenings take place. The first convention was originally found Japan and soon enough the idea was liked by the crowd and got bigger internationaly as well.


LORICON in Seefeld

As a nerd and cosplayer my self, I found out that the first Anime Convention in Tirol was about to happen and of course I couldn‘t lose the opportunity to join in! I invited my friend and we started planning our „Adventure“. At the happening date of the Convention on the 9. and 10. of June, taking place in the beautiful city of Seefeld, at the Olympiabad und Kongress Seefeld, my friend and I dressed up, prepared ourselves for the excitment and jumped in the train with destination the “Lori Con 2018“.  With a good mood we entered the building, finding ourselves pleasant scenes and sounds of Cosplayers, Anime songs, Game soundtracks and the chitt chatter of the people. We got our tickets and then proceeded the enjoy the fullprogramm that was awaiting us.

Inside you would find three floors: The ground floor, in wich were many different shops, the stage, the guest artists and some games to play to pass the time, and the basement, where there were the Infostand, the star guests, a drawing and gaming room, the chill out lounge, workshops and the Cinemapoint and last but not least the third floor where the caffe and restaurant was.

The programm of the convention had a lot of options to choose from. A varriety of activities would take place in the same time and you had the option to join the ones you were most interested inYou could check the shops in which there were varriety’s of rare objects from Japan itself. The price would vary depending on the shop and/or on how rare the item was. Hopefully there were both cheap and expensive shops that you could choose from. You could continue with checking the stage. There you could watch AMV’s, participate in contests like the quiz game they had prepared, showcasing cosplayers and their work, a small concert etc. Next thing on ther list could be the Workshops. There were many workshops with different and very interesting topics, such as how to costumize your wig or how can you make cosplay props or how to draw and how to make your own AMV’s. You could join in the Karaoke session and sing or just enjoy the tiem around listening. Something i personally love was talking to the Start guests they invited. Z.B. Shinji Schneider, a comedian that I really like and the two cosplayers I was keeping up with: Knights Cosplay. Apart from planned events you could also go and join turniers or open workshops, watch movies they had prepared at the cinemapoint for us while eating the Sakura themed popcorn and have photoshoots inside and outside in the beautiful nature.

Overall, the event was really small but full with activities and great people. A big point to make you like even the simplest convention. Our time to Lori Con Tirol was very enjoyable and we would go there again without a question.

Die Tickets für die veranstaltung wurden von den Veranstaltern zur Verfügung gestellt. Hier geht es zur LoriCon Website.




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