Jugendstadtplan Innsbruck

Text: welcome to Innsbruck, im Vordergrund sind Berge und eine Murmeltier zu sehen

The young taveller´s city map of Innsbruck gives you an insight of the city of Innsbruck from the perspective of the local youth. Explore numerous in(n)sider tips and get to know the real Innsbruck. 82 Hotspots give you an overview of the local visitor spots but be also prepared for numerous suprises. You always wanted to act like a local? We give you suprising insights in the local culture and a little information about the history of this old city. Get your map now and travel around Innsbruck from the perspective of a young local.

You can simply download the map.

Order a hard copy of the map and be prepared for your trip to Innsbruck.

Murmeltier mit Edelweiß


Find information about the local transport system and how to rent a green city bike at the Innsbrucker Verkehrsbetriebe (IVB).

For bus connections in Tyrol find more information on the Verkehrsverbund Tirol (VVT) website.

For national and international connections check out the website of the Austrian Railway company (ÖBB).




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"Act like a local", "five minutes of history", Geheimtipps von StadtbewohnerInnen und vieles mehr! Das sind die Inhalte die einen guten Jugendstadtplan ausmachen. 

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