RE-PASSION after EVS: Keep In Love with EVS

Wann? 31. Mai bis 6. Juni
Wo? Albergue de Berriz, Spanien

Zielgruppe: Ehemalige Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer des Europäischen Freiwilligendienstes (EFD)
Kosten: Das Training wird vom EU-Programm "Erasmus+: Jugend in Aktion" finanziert (Unterkunft, Verpflegung, Programm, Großteil der Reisekosten). Ein kleiner Teil der Reisekosten muss selbst bezahlt werden.


The European Voluntary Service (EVS) is a good experience with a relevant impact in the life of Programme’s participants. In fact, some studies (Study on the Impact of Transnational Volunteering through the European Voluntary Service, European Commission, 2017) state that the individual effect of EVS usually appears on different aspects:

● Improving employability and career
● Increasing social and political participation
● Improving social inclusion and solidarity
● Personal development
● Developing new competences
● Increased engagement to UE and common european values

Nevertheless, that impact usually delays to appear, so ex-EVS don’t have enough opportunities to think and reflect about their experiences. In spite of having an annual event after their EVS, such event takes short time and it can only gather few participants. Thus, it doesn’t trigger the learning potential of EVS experiences. On the other hand, not all participants that finish their EVS have the opportunity to participate in the annual event.

Therefore, this project wants to develop a seminar to deeply explore changes that EVS generates in people’s lives throughout exchanging their experiences. This project wants to be an ex-EVS meeting point to share experiences and learnings by a common element: passion. The project can give the opportunity to the participants to think and explore about their EVS, about all the changes in their lives, their intercultural learnings and new projects ahead, thereby becoming a great opportunity to create synergies that can end up in a future transnational collaboration between former EVS. 

Anmeldefrist: 25. März 2018

Anmeldung und Information: Benjamin Stern, InfoEck - Jugendinfo Tirol/Regionalstelle "Erasmus+ Jugend in Aktion", 0512 57 17 99-18,




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